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Monday, May 16, 2011


Hi guyzz,
On last Saturday I offered my own colleague Mardiana whether she wanted to do photo shoot as to improve myself in the lighting technique ......Once again I brought along my brother, Sidi to be the lighting man and Norris. She already  chose the location somewhere near State Library at Petra Jaya. Luckily we had a beautiful evening and here there are........


Monday, May 2, 2011

Model - Deborah Anyau

Hi guyzz,
I was really busy until I don't really want to update my blog......Recently I received a call from my friend Norris asking me whether I wanna join him for a photoshoot as he got his niece to be the model.....I was so exited with this invitation as I want to strengthen my portfolio more. We decided to choose reservoir park to be our 'studio' ground.  We really hope that she is happy with our result and here it is....do comment if there is anything that need me to improve....thank you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Greetings to all viewers,
It's been a long time I didn't  update my blog because busy with my work....Recently on one morning, I bought a Digital Photography Magazine and I was so inspired with all the knowledge in it. Suddenly I was so amazed with a picture captured by one of the reader....It was sunset picture. Then, I started to take this as an idea for my next photography theme. I grab my phone and called Cynthia whether she is interested for photography session. Actually her family is related to my family. I was so glad that she gave her positive answer. I also got my friend , Suzanne whether she interested to join in as well as my wife and daughter. I've been thinking of Santubong to be my target venue and we went straight away around 3pm and I really thank God as the day was so cloudy. We reached there around 4pm and we chose Pasir Pandak to be our 'studio' ground. Shot by shot Suzanne and I photograph Cynthia together with my daughter. Around 6pm, the sunset began to look striking so we also did the shots...Come and check this out.....and here there are.....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Wonderful Sunday

Yo guyzzz,
What a blessed sunday I had spending time with my family after church service.....Suddenly I 've been thinking about Education Fair at BCCK.......so this is it...it was my first time to step into it and I was so amazed with the architecture design.......As I step in, there were lots of  show booth from different kind of education institution promoting their own institution. Here are some pictures that I wanna share.....

Suddenly I got a call from my friend , Norris asking me whether want to follow him for a photo shooting....I straightly accepted his offer as I wanna gain more experience in photo shoot.....The model named Mimie really have a sweet face until it always keep my camera continuously snapping on her.....Check this out!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My new Facebook Photography Services....

Hi Guyyzz,
 Finally I made up my mind to be in this industry part-time basis as well my deeply interest in it.......I 've just created my photography facebook account as part of my connections and networking with others about my new hobby and interest.....I was so enthusiasm to record all the moments through all my snap shots. Hope that one day, anyone of you out there could be my snap shot model.......Please check this out if you are looking for my photography facebook account...here it is..